"To those deemed normal, are you convinced that those of us that are not do not know we are different?"


"I feel the gods when in the midst of a raging storm. The surge of power, the crackling of lightning as it splits the night sky in two. "

The Host

"But her name is Lauren. We call it our slave name, and nobody has permission to call us by that name. Not a single one of you."

Absence Never Made Me Fond Of You

"A child is like a houseplant, only needing a few basic things for survival. Food, water, love, and some sunlight. Maybe you assumed she was giving me those things. I suspect you never gave enough shit to provide them to me yourself, so there I was left with crumbs."

A Life Saver Affiliate Link

A book that truly changed my life and my way of thinking. Think of it as a how-to guide of how to be the best borderline you can be. You know, while everything is on fire and you're pretending everything is fine.


"Considering my lineage, I am genetically designed to endure way more than what I've done so far, so lets shift this bitch into maximum overdrive."

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