Moving!!! This is a link to the Go Fund Me page I started to hopefully raise some money to move to Washington. I suffered a severe medical incident that left me jobless, couch surfing, and medically unstable until they find out what is wrong with me. I was in the middle of making this move... Continue Reading →


"I feel the gods when in the midst of a raging storm. The surge of power, the crackling of lightning as it splits the night sky in two. "

A Life Saver Affiliate Link

A book that truly changed my life and my way of thinking. Think of it as a how-to guide of how to be the best borderline you can be. You know, while everything is on fire and you're pretending everything is fine.

The Adorable Savior

"After the absolute clusterfuck with Mimsy happened, I was a train wreck. Everyday was a struggle to get out of bed. I just wanted him back in my life, but knew that it probably would never happen."

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