Moving!!! This is a link to the Go Fund Me page I started to hopefully raise some money to move to Washington. I suffered a severe medical incident that left me jobless, couch surfing, and medically unstable until they find out what is wrong with me. I was in the middle of making this move... Continue Reading →


"If you've never been this tired before, then I can't explain it to you. I simply don't have the words anymore, but I don't think they existed in the first place. "


"Now we are here, way past our expiration date, and you realize now what you didn't before. It sucks, doesn't it? "


"The original personality, Lauren, stopped aging at this age, and she hasn't really been seen or heard from since."


"I cut all my hair off shortly after that to punish her, but that meant there were no more strands to pull."

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